Launch of IT’S!

Dear Friends,

We warmly welcome you to the launch of IT'S – Information, Thinking, Solutions.

Our vision for IT'S is simple – a publication you will look forward to receiving; and will miss, if you don’t.

That must mean more than just being useful. It has to be inviting – readable, and current.

IT'S” is the title because we aim to provide relevant Information, our Thinking and thoughts on the issues, which should lead to Solutions.

Thinking and Solutions?  From a case law update? Yes; you will be surprised.

Each week we survey the tax law developments – so that you won’t have to – in Singapore and Malaysia, the UK, Australia and NZ, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, and the occasional non-common law jurisdiction. We lead with a Focus Article – not an academic one, but one on issues we can claim practical expertise in.

Each case update strives to contextualise the lessons to the Singapore context. And, the possible opportunities to grasp or pitfalls to avoid. If you have been thinking about the issue which we happen to touch on, chances are, a fresh perspective will emerge. Or dare we say – a path to a solution?

And if we do succeed, would you let us know? Drop us a line or comment. After all, IT'S only good if it is shown to be. We hope you will enjoy the read.
With best wishes,
Ong Sim HoCounsel,  Seah Ching Ling, Editor