OSH MasterClass Series: Property Tax Disputes

The third Masterclass for the year 2016 – Property Tax Disputes: More Than a Matter of Valuation was held on 16 March 2016. The session was well-attended, with participants comprising mainly of property developers and valuers. The interesting mix of participants allowed for different perspectives to be shared during the Masterclass.

In the first half of the session, Mr Ong Sim Ho, Counsel, gave a brief overview of the legal framework governing property tax in Singapore as well as the common valuation methodologies used. He then went on to share recent changes to the appeal process before the Valuation Review Board and the practical considerations in light of the changes. The current appeal process expedites the conduct of property tax appeals by accelerating the parties’ access to information. It is thus imperative that taxpayers work together with their advisers and valuers to ensure that the issues under appeal are appropriately framed and exhaustively covered from the get-go.

The experience and expertise of the participants allowed Sim Ho to proceed to delve deeper into the interface between the law and valuation in property tax disputes in the second half of the session. This proved to be an interesting and engaging session with Sim Ho sharing his insights as to good tribunal advocacy and how, with an appreciation of the legal principles, one may build a sound case theory which would not only aid in an appeal before the Valuation Review Board but also be crucial in further appeals from the Valuation Review Board. Also discussed was how the expertise of valuers and advisers may be best utilised in various cases to give the taxpayers the best representation before the Valuation Review Board.

The OSH MasterClass Series aspires to deliver a high standard of technical exposure for our clients and market partners to areas of law for which our expertise is recognised. A constant feature of our MasterClass events is a strong strategic and practice focus and thoughtful sharing of our knowledge and experience. Underlying our efforts is the belief that delivering success for our clients is the fruit of partnership with our clients and market partners.