OSH MasterClass Series

Property Tax Disputes: More than a matter of valuation

When does a property tax matter go beyond the realm of pure valuation?

The determination of the annual value for any given property is governed by an often bewildering legal framework comprising of both statute as well as case law. A proper appreciation of the legal principles may serve to advance a case by setting the parameters for the valuation. Given the recent developments in the appeal process for property tax disputes, it is more pressing than ever to seek legal advice at the appropriate stage.

In this seminar, experienced tax counsel Ong Sim Ho will shed light on how adopting a legal approach to a property tax dispute may in many cases reap dividends. Examples of how a property tax dispute may benefit from sound legal analysis and common areas of dispute will be discussed. Sim Ho will also share on the options available to the taxpayer when pursuing a property tax dispute and comment on the practical implications of the recent changes to the appeal process.

  • Common areas of dispute in Property Tax matters
  • Options available to the taxpayer
  • Overview of the appeals process
  • Practical considerations when pursuing an appeal

About the OSH MasterClass Series

The OSH MasterClass Series aspires to deliver a high standard of technical exposure for our clients and market partners to areas of law for which our expertise is recognised. A constant feature of our MasterClass events is a strong strategic and practice focus and thoughtful sharing of our knowledge and experience. Underlying our efforts is the belief that delivering success for our clients is the fruit of partnership with our clients and market partners.

Date & Time

Mar 16, 2016 (Wednesday) | 2-5pm


SMU Seminar Room 4.1, School of Economics


MasterClass Fees

This MasterClass is part of the OSH Client Service Programme and is By Invitation Only. There is no fee payable, but advanced registration is required.