“I will like to thank Mr Ong and his team at OSH for the opportunity of interning at a leading boutique tax chambers in Singapore. During my three week internship, I had the opportunity to engage and work with the team at OSH. Through this experience, I understand that the specialism of tax law requires an interaction of economics, policy and the law. In addition, it has provided me with a practical perspective of the practice of tax in Singapore and reaffirms my commitment in developing an expertise in the practice of tax law and policy.”

- Kwek Jia Hao, University of Exeter -

“My internship at OSH was thoroughly fulfilling and well-spent. During my four-week stint here, I had various opportunities to observe and understand how technical knowledge from the confines of a classroom translates to cutting-edge tax practice. I was involved in a combination of substantive and administrative duties, ranging from research, proof-reading and data analysis to data collection and event planning. Not only did I broaden my understanding of several areas of tax law, I developed my ability to produce quality work for a real purpose. The most invaluable aspect of my internship was the interactions with the lawyers. One of the many benefits of interning at a boutique tax firm was notably the close proximity I enjoyed with the lawyers, where I witnessed first-hand how they and the firm function and adapt in a real life commercial environment. Having a particular inclination towards tax, I was privileged and thrilled to learn from a highly esteemed tax lawyer like Mr Ong, who showed genuine interest in imparting his knowledge to me. His team of highly qualified lawyers has also been extremely affable and never fails to answer any questions I had. As an aspiring lawyer, it was an undeniably enriching and insightful experience interning at OSH.”

- Koh Chon Kiat, King’s College London -

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